Calculus Camp

Divulgando: O LACES (Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies) contribui para a preparação de mais de 200 estudantes para o Advanced Placement test, organizando o Calculus Camp.

Teaching Calculus

Today I welcome a guest blogger. Robert Vriesman writes about his Calculus Camp. The annual camp is a great review technique. I was honored to be invited this year and had a great time helping the kids. Thank you Robert for the Blog and the weekend with your students

Many high schools around the nation have only eight to fifteen kids taking Calculus in any given school year. So what are the teachers at the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies (LACES) doing differently along with generous help from professors, math professionals, and some parents doing to attract upwards of 200 students to take Calculus each year? The answer…Calculus Camp!

Calculus Camp was first organized by me fourteen years ago when I was LACES Department Chair. The camp began with only forty students and just a handful of teachers, but the excitement generated by the opportunity to go to…

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