Pela blogosfera: “How should mathematics be taught to non-mathematicians?”

Post de Timothy Gowers em que discute “interesting real-world mathematics problems”:

As an indirect result of the earlier blog posts, I have found myself in a position of some influence. I’m not sure how much, but I am in touch with the Advisory Council for Mathematics Education, or ACME, which, as its name suggests, advises the government on matters of mathematical education, and there appears to be some sympathy in ACME for the idea of a qualification of some kind that involves. I have other reasons for optimism that I won’t go into here. But to translate that into results, what I would really like is a longer list of potentially good questions than the one I have so far, which I shall now give, together with a few brief remarks. I’ll try to group them naturally into topics.

Da lista de 59 problemas de diferentes tipos, este de Física:

27. Somebody pours you a cup of coffee but you aren’t yet in a position to drink it. You take milk, and the milk provided is cold. You want your coffee as warm as possible. When should you put in the milk: now, or just before you drink it, or some time in between?


Sobre Américo Tavares

eng. electrotécnico reformado / retired electrical engineer
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